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Biting Insects Training Course

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About the course:

Biting insects are one of the most commonly encountered pest species by pest control professionals. During this course delegates will supplement their existing knowledge on the reasons for their control, their biology and behaviours and review techniques for control and how to develop strategies for effective identification and problem solving.

Fleas, Bedbugs and Mosquitoes will be covered with strategies to control each reviewed. This is a hands-on practical course, which will help to hone your skills and ensure that service delivery is effective and professional.  Application equipment, control methods both chemical and non-chemical will be discussed, so that you leave fully armed with an arsenal of tools, ready to apply your IPM strategy to control these troublesome pests.

During the Biting Insects Course you will learn:

- The biology and behaviours of these insects
- Identification skills to help identify them
- How to develop an integrated strategy for control
- Review all control methods available  
- Gain practical experience in the use of equipment
- More about how to use the insecticides and formulations available for safe and effective control

This course will end in having to demonstrate your knowledge which will award CPD points for BASIS and/or BPCA as well as a certificate.

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