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Summer Offer 22 - Get All Of This For Just £150, Worth Over £230


Summer Offer 22 - Get All Of This For £150.00 - Worth Over £230!

*Offer Ends: 31/07/2022*

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Get All Of This For £150 - Worth Over £230!

x10 Rotech Solo Rat Boxes 

The latest addition to the Rotech Box range, the Rotech Solo rat station.  This ultra compact trap and bait station is the ideal box for locations where space is limited or discretion is required and is ideal for use in warehouse locations such as, between pallets.  

x10 Rotech Alert Trap Tunnels 

Brand new and exclusive, the Rotech Alert 365 Quick Check Rat Trap Station.  The unique 'alert flags' mean you never have to check an empty box again.  Save up to 70% time on your site visits and only check boxes that have activity.

x10 Rotech Rangers

The Rotech Mouse Trap Box is designed by professional pest controllers. The unit offers the perfect environment for mice to be trapped and feed. The Rotech® Ranger is the only unit to hold 2 mouse traps side by side and a 90-degree angle, offering mice a straight run through/line of sight.

x20 Mouse Snap Traps

Mouse Snap Trap is a durable spring-loaded snap trap designed to provide a fast and clean kill. It is suitable for indoors and outdoors as long as placed inside a mouse bait station.

x30 Rat Snap Traps 

Our snap traps for rats are extremely powerful and provide a quick, clean, and humane way to get rid of a rat infestation. At 1env, we're very passionate about ensuring pests are dispatched without unnecessary suffering, so we developed our Rotech snap trap range, which is the most powerful on the market - guaranteeing a humane, fast ending.

x1 Rotech Rescent Spray 

Rotech® Re-Scent Converts the plastic smell of your boxes and traps to a highly attractive odour. Re-Scent is an outstanding new product to make any trap or box highly attractive to rats and mice. Its unique odour takes away the smell of new boxes or traps.

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