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Buy 1 Bottle, get another half price

  • Ecorex Action Plus 1 Litre
  • K-Othrine Partix 250ml
  • Ficam D 3kg
  • Mostyn Duo CS 500ml
  • Deltasect 1 Litre

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Summer Offer - Deltasect 1 Litre
Summer Offer - Mostyn Duo CS 500ml
Summer Offer - Ficam D 3kg
Summer Offer - K-Othrine Partix 250ml
Summer Offer - Ecorex Action Plus 1 Litre

Buy 1 Bottle, get another half price

Ecorex Action Plus 1 Litre

Ecorex Action Plus is an insecticide concentrate product for professional use against flying and crawling insects. It is a concentrated aqueous suspension which acts by contact, ingestion and inhalation. Controls a wide range of flying and crawling insects.

Contains: Permethrin 15%, Tetramethrin 1%, Piperonyl Butoxide 5%, Ecipients and solvent c.p.s. 100%.

K-Othrine Partix 250ml

K-Othrine is a broad-spectrum suspension that concentrates against a wide range of insects, including indoor control of crawling insects, cockroaches, bedbugs, houseflies at rest and spiders. Furthermore, it’s suitable for the use of outdoor control of wasps in free-hanging nests.

Contains: 2.49% Deltamethrin

Ficam D 3kg

Ficam D powder is an excellent insecticide that is used to treat various crawling insects such as wasps and ants. It is ideal to use where liquid-based formulations are unsuitable. Ficam D is a tried and tested wasp powder that has been used to control wasps and hornets in the pest control industry for many years.

Contains: Bendiocarb 1.289 % w/w

Mostyn Duo CS 500ml 

Mostyn Duo offers quick and long lasting control against a wide range of flying and crawling insects. A highly specialised combination of microencapsulation and emulsion-in-water technology, the active ingredients offer dual control. When sprayed, prallethrin (EW) delivers a fast knockdown and flushing effect, while the microencapsulated cyphenothrin gives long lasting residual control. As well as being ideal for use in a variety of environments, Mostyn Duo can also be used against ants and wasps via targeted spraying application.

Contains: Cyphenothrin 10.7% w/w and prallethrin 1.1% w/w

Deltasect 1 Litre

It is a highly effective insecticide for professional use against crawling and fly insects. Suitable for indoor pest control treatment of the following premises: houses, apartments, neighborhood centers, cinemas, barracks, hotels, restaurants, bars, canteens, hospitals, industrial warehouses.

Active Ingredients: Deltamethrin 2.394%

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