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Sakarat Warfarin Whole Wheat

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  • Sakarat Warfarin Whole Wheat is a first-generation anticoagulant loose grain formulation rodenticide.
  • For the effective control of rats.
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Ready-to-use bait on micronised food-grade whole wheat.
  • Specially formulated, containing a mould inhibitor.
  • Sold in a 10kg bag.

Active Ingredients:
0.05% warfarin

Availability: In stock

Sakarat Warfarin Whole Wheat is a highly effective, first-generation anticoagulant, made from a loose grain formulation on micronised food-grade whole wheat. This rodenticide has been specifically designed for the control of brown rats in both indoors and outdoors and is suitable for use in open areas and waste dumps.  The ready-to-use formula means the application of the Sakarat poison grain is easy; simply place into tamper-resistant bait station or apply directly into burrows.

Application rates

Level of Infestation  Dosage
High Infestation  200 g of bait per baiting point spaced 1 metre apart
Low Infestation  200 g of bait per baiting point spaced 5 metres apart 
Burrow Baiting  200 g of bait per burrow

Application Methods:

Ready-to-use bait to be used in tamper-resistant bait stations. Direct application of ready-to-use bait into the burrow.

- Because of their delayed mode of action, anticoagulant rodenticides take from 4 to 10 days to be effective after consumption of the bait.
- Where possible, prior to the treatment inform any bystanders about the rodent control campaign.
- Consider preventive control measures (e.g. plug holes, remove potential food and drinking as far as possible) to improve product intake and reduce the likelihood of reinvasion.
- Do not use the product as permanent baits for the prevention of rodent infestation or monitoring of rodent activities.
- Do not use the product in pulsed baiting treatments.

Authorisation Number: UK-2017-1059

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