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1 Day Practical Insect Control Course (East Sussex)


This course will give you hands on experience with all steps involved in the professional control of insects. The journey through the control process will be followed encapsulating insect identification, monitoring, non-toxic and chemical control options.

Start Time:
9:00am - 26th May 2022

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This course will give you a chance to gain practical experience in a range of pesticide application equipment and help build on your existing skills in developing an integrated pest management plan. The course is flexible, and candidates are encouraged to bring their own objectives but will focus on the evaluation of available methods, application and maintenance of equipment and practical insect identification.

During the Practical Insect Control Course you well learn:
• Skills involved with the identification of common insect pests
• The scope of monitoring tools available, their pros and cons
• Practical experience in using Non-toxic methods of controlling insects, including EFK units and traps – their pros and cons
• Practical use of sprayers, dusters, ULVs and bait application equipment
• Health and safety considerations when using insecticides including practical steps to help develop H&S paperwork including COSHH / Risk Assessment and maintenance checks
• The importance of maintaining and servicing equipment

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