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ONA Block Odour Neutraliser

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  • The ONA Block Odour Neutraliser is a completely organic product that destroys organic and non-organic odours.
  • Using an essential oils based formula, the ONA block doesn’t just mask odours - it eliminates them completely.
  • Permanently removes even the most stubborn of smells, to provide you with long-lasting odour control.
  • This odour neutraliser should last approximately four weeks, depending on airflow.
  • Safe for use around people, pets and plants and ideal for small areas.
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The ONA Block Odour Neutraliser contains a complex formula of essential oils that provide long-lasting defense against odours. In solid wax form, the ONA Block is an industrial strength odour neutraliser, yet it is safe for use in the home and can be used around people, pets, and plants.

ONA Blocks are an ideal solution for anyone looking for a fast and easy way to fight against odours at their source. While they can be used in a wide range of locations, this product works best in small sized areas, including vehicles, garages, bathrooms, storage, bedrooms and kitchens. They are also convenient for removing pet odours in the home - simply place them around your cat litter trays or dog beds for an odour-free home.

To use, simply open the product and expose it to the air, or remove the wax block from its container for a stronger effect. The lifetime of an ONA Block will vary, but on average they remain effective for around four weeks. 

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