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Talon® Soft 300g (Pk 12)
Talon® M 5kg
Ridmus Alpha 300g
Talon® Glow 5kg

An extremely palatable and effective bait that consists of kibbled maize formulated with 25ppm brodifacoum, making it ideal for controlling choosy rodents. In choice studies with mice and rats Talon® M was highly preferred over the standard food. For use in tamper-resistant bait stations.

Contains: Brodifacoum 0.0025%
Application: Indoors and outdoors (around buildings)


A high-performance, single-feed rodenticide containing brodifacoum - a highly effective active ingredient against all rodents, even those which are resistant to other anticoagulants. 

Contains: Brodifacoum 0.005%
Application: For use in and around buildings.


A highly pallatable pasta bait with unique flourescent tracking technology. Trials have shown excellent palatability of Talon Glow, with preferential feeding over other available foods.

Contains: Brodifacoum 0.0029%
For use indoors & outdoors (around buildings)


Ridmus® Alpha

Ridmus Alpha is the new fast acting rodenticide from the makers of the ever popular Talon bait range, specifically designed to rapidly control house mice infestations. The palatable formulation of highly potent alpha-chlorolose can give almost instant results, from an incredibly low intake of Ridmus® Alpha.

Contains: Alphachloralose 3.996% w/w
Control: Mice only
Application: Indoor use only